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Version : French
Duration : 52'
Format : Béta Digit., Béta SP, DVCam
Distribution : TV10 Angers
Scriptwriter : Luc VERDIER-KORBEL
Producer : ALIF Productions, P.A.V. Communication, TV10 Angers
Country France
With Karim HAMMICHE, Mekki ARRHIOUL, Nicolas PESKINE, Danielle MARTY et la Compagnie du Hasard
Stage set Breux, Bastia
With the participation of C.N.C., Fonds d'Action Sociale, Ministère de la Culture, Ministère de la Jeunesse et des Sports, SCAM
Archive footage - Results of the municipal elections in Dreux in 1996 (Stirbois/Hamel)
- Mobile theatre (Compagnie du Hasard)

Karim and Mekki had no idea when they entered this unique mobile theatre that, a few months later, they would be hard at work there and that this experience would have an impact on their individual destinies.Fixed-term work, the inflexible countdown sends them back to the horizon of a difficult life begun in Dreux.What will become of them when the members of the Compagnie du Hasard take to the road again for other latitudes? After Dreux, it will be Bastia… For the founding members of the company, the theatre is an open window. Nicolas, Danielle, Bénédicte, Michel and the others translate into precise, concrete action what art, and theatre in particular, means to them: “A desire to put human beings back at the centre of the issues facing the city, to give them back their gravity, their lightness and their hopes.