Fiction short films

FRANCE-NOCES (France-Wedding)

Version : French
Duration : 18'
Format : 35 mm - Béta Digit. - Béta SP - DVCam
Black & white
Scriptwriter : Marcel GIBAUD
Producer : ARMOR Films - Fred ORAIN
Country France
With Annie LAVEDAN, Pierre HATET
Picture Marcel GIBAUD
Archive footage - Fast train on a bridge,
- Popular ball in a dance hall,
- Traditional wedding in local costume in Normandy,
- Motorway outside Paris,
- Television showing De Gaulle congratulating the bride and groom

Statistics show that there are twice as many funerals as marriages. In a well-organised society, fairness would dictate that there should be one funeral parlour for every two. This is far from the case! However, an effort has been made in this area by Société France-Noces. From the outset, this company has standardised wedding clothes, food and traditional puns. Today, at the door of every town hall, an agency offers future couples the possibility of organising their happiness methodically. Teachers, doctors and pre-wedding films provide moral and physical preparation for married life. Thanks to a perfectly industrialised system, wedding ceremonies and trips take place in the dream atmosphere defined in advance by contract and which France-Noces sums up in this seductive formula: “The wedding, the whole wedding, but nothing but the wedding”.