Fiction short films

LE LIT (The Bed)

Version : French
Duration : 13'
Format : 35 mm. - 16 mm. - Béta SP
Black & white
Scriptwriter : Marcel GIBAUD
Producer : ARMOR Films - Fred ORAIN
Country France
With Annie LAVEDAN, Monique MARTIAL, Paul CROCHET, Crésus.
Picture Marcel GIBAUD
Prize list Selected at Mannheim Internationale Filmwoche - 1962
Archive footage - Men lined up on a dyke carrying a dismantled bed,
- Woman in bustier lying in bed in shed,
- Two men in a bed reading the newspaper,
- Comical interpretation "Dans un grand lit carré", by a man in livery,
- 6-seater bed with 6 people sitting and sleeping in it,
- Drunk man drinking on a bed.

Countless documentaries have been made on a wide range of subjects, from the most serious to the most trivial, but as far as we know, no film has ever been made on this subject: the bed, despite the fact that the bed has been the most useful piece of furniture for man since he first rested and slept, in other words since the beginning of time. This burlesque film examines the theory of the bed, its shape, the number of people that can fit in it, and the precautions to be taken to avoid difficulties between sleepers. After paying tribute to the French bed (particularly well placed internationally), the film tackles the problems posed by the practice of the bed: how to lie down, the choice of clothes and positions.