Documentaries 50/60

ALLO CHARCOT ! (Hello, Charcot !)

Jacques MASSON & Mario MARRET
Version : French
Duration : 15'
Format : 35 mm. - 16 mm. - Béta Digit. - Mpeg4
Producer : ARMOR FILMS - Fred ORAIN
Country France
Music Jimmy WALTER
Picture Jacques MASSON
Stage set Antarctique, Terre Adélie, bases Charcot et d'Urville
With the participation of Expéditions Antarctiques Française, Expéditions Polaires Paul-Émile Victor, CNRS, Conseil Supérieur de la Recherche Scientifique
Prize list - Médaille de Bronze, Expo. Internationale du Film pour Enfants, Venise, 1960.
Archive footage - Images of life (men and measuring instruments) in an Antarctic base,
- Preparation and departure of a convoy of 2 autochenilles,
- Emergency surgery at the Urville base,
- Fire with blizzard of the base of Port-Martin: camp in flames, dogs fleeing, men helpless,
- Progression of the convoy in the storm and snow removal,
- Arrival of the convoy at the Charcot base, reunion between the men, a drink!
- Images of an advanced post dug in the ice.

“Hello, Charcot, answer…”. This is the call that the radio of the Urville base makes every morning in Terre Adélie, in the Antarctic, to his colleague in Charcot, an advanced post dug in the snow 300 km away. That morning, Charcot did not answer. All suppositions are allowed: a breakdown of radio, a fire, a serious illness or some incident impossible to foresee in spite of the past experiences. From now on, only a rescue raid will bring the answer. 300 km…, it is, if we hurry, a three weeks trip! Storms compromised the progress of the help, which seemed to be all the slower to arrive as Charcot remained silent. When, finally, the expedition reached the outpost, it found joyful men whose silence was due to a breakdown of their transmitter. A banal incident, in short, but which takes a particular resonance, there at the end of the world.