Documentaries 50/60

IMAGES D’UN ÉTÉ (Pictures of a summer)

Version : French
Duration : 10'
Format : 35 mm. - 16 mm. - Béta Digit. - Mpeg4
Black & white
Producer : ARMOR Films - Fred ORAIN
Country France
Music Jean YATOVE
Picture Mario MARRET
Stage set Antarctica, Terre Adélie
With the participation of Les Expéditions Polaires Françaises Paul-Emile VICTOR - Centre National de la Cinématographie.
Archive footage - Penguin rockery,
- Two men build an ice kern, with a Wizel autochenille nearby,
- Penguins incubating their eggs,
- Seal branding,
- Penguins swimming and playing in the water,
- Unloading barrels from a canoe on the ice floe,
- Male penguin chasing and attacking a female,
- Man walking in the midnight sun,
- Wezel car driving on the ice floe,
- Men at work in the winter blizzard in Port Martin.

Film shot during the first French polar expedition to Antarctica. The sun triumphs over the long polar night. It was not to be a summer like any other that year. For the first time, it will be witnessed by humans. This is of little concern to the penguins, whose ancestral habits are in no way disturbed by this unexpected presence, or to the seals lying limply on the ice. But in Antarctica, summer is just a short respite between two winters. And Terre Adélie soon takes on its true face.