Documentaries 50/60

NOUS AVONS VINGT ANS ( We are twenty years old)

Version : French
Duration : 23'
Format : 35 mm. - Béta SP - Mpeg4
Black & white
Producer : ARMOR Films - Fred ORAIN
Country France
With Paul-Émile VICTOR, GUIARD,
Music Vladimir COSMA, René HERMEL
Picture Pierre ANCRENAZ
Stage set French Polar Expeditions office
With the participation of Expéditions Polaires Françaises - Mission Paul-Emile VICTOR, Ministère des Affaires Etrangéres, Secrétariat d'Etat à la Coopération, Institut Pédagogique National, S.F.R.S.
Archive footage - Paul-Émile VICTOR talks about Cmdt. Charcot,
- Firing a stratospheric rocket in Greenland

This film was made on the premises of the French Polar Expeditions in the presence of Paul-Émile VICTOR, expedition leader GUIARD, Mario MARRET, the doctor and members of the Expeditions. In the course of this off-the-cuff discussion, various problems encountered during the expeditions were raised, such as sexuality and homosexuality, relations between Paris and the teams on site, hard knocks and safety, the scientific interest of the expeditions, relations between the members and the expedition leader, etc. Illustrated with images taken from other films made for the Polar Expeditions, this film is a reflection on 20 years of exploration in Antarctica and Greenland.