Documentaries 50/60

TERRE ADÉLIE (Adelie Land)

Version : French
Duration : 26'
Format : 35 mm. - Béta Digit. - Mpeg4
Black & white
Producer : ARMOR Films - Fred ORAIN
Country France
With Commentaire de Robert POMMIER dit par Michel GUDIN
Music Jean YATOVE
Picture Mario MARRET
Stage set Adelie Land
With the participation of Expéditions Polaires Françaises, Centre National de la Cinématographie
Prize list - Mention at the XIII° Mostra Internazionale dArte Cinematographica - Mostra del Film Scientifico e del Documentario dArte -Venice - 1952 - Selected at the III° Internationalen Filmfestspielen Berlin - 1953 - Selected at the IV° Congress of Documentary Films and Short Films - 1953
Archive footage - Men piling ice into a zinc tub,
- Scenes of life inside the camp,
- Man walking staggering in the wind,
- Men taking measurements in the blizzard,
- Men with measuring devices in a barrack,
- Observation with a microscope,
- Arrival of the first penguins,
- Dog playing with a penguin,
- Preparing sleds and supplies for a summer raid,
- Capturing and packing a penguin,
- Summer raid, men in sleds, setting up camp.

On this ungrateful land, nature brutally imposes its law. In order to survive on a rocky spur, the eleven men brought by “Commandant Charcot” must show obstinacy, cunning and patience during a wintering period where meals, chores and scientific work alternate with a severe monotony. The short polar summer brings a little diversity to this tough moral ordeal: the arrival of a penguin colony, seal hunting, long and dangerous explorations by dog sled and, finally, the disembarkation of the relief team.