Documentaries 50/60

LA PISTE BLANCHE (The white trail)

Version : French
Duration : 15'
Format : 35 mm. - 16 mm. - Béta Digit. - Mpeg4
Black & white
Scriptwriter : Mario MARRET
Producer : ARMOR Films - Fred ORAIN
Country France
With Commentaire dit par Serge REGGIANI
Music Jimmy WALTER
Picture Mario MARRET
Stage set Ice Cap in Greenland.
Archive footage - Snowmelt torrents flowing towards the sea,
- Small harbour in Greenland, unloading of a boat by Eskimo women, Eskimo children,
- Helicopter flight over the Ice Cap,
- Convoy of caterpillars with advancing caravans,
- Life at the base camp: repairing vehicles, checking equipment, eating together, waking up,
- Dream sequence: Africans carrying bales in a pirogue,
- Supply plane: dropping and recovering supplies,
- Memory session: aircraft attacking tanks in the desert.
- Preparing an experiment in the snow with an explosion

Five European countries take part in a scientific expedition to Greenland to establish the glacial record of the Ice Cap. Led by Paul-Émile VICTOR, the expedition of thirty-two members is divided into five groups, regardless of nationality. When the White Trail is no more than a memory, what will remain of this life together? Above all the important scientific results, but also the wisdom acquired over the course of this long experience. For while living together has sometimes made life difficult by exacerbating resentments, never a word has been said out of place, never an unfriendly gesture has been uttered, and from this collective desire for harmony comes the hope that the peoples of the world will one day learn to live together in peace.