TERRE ADÉLIE (Adelie Land)

On this ungrateful land, nature brutally imposes its law. In order to survive on a rocky spur, the eleven men brought by “Commandant Charcot” must show obstinacy, cunning and patience during a wintering period where meals, chores and scientific work alternate with a severe monotony. The short polar summer brings a little diversity to this … Continued

LA PISTE BLANCHE (The white trail)

Five European countries take part in a scientific expedition to Greenland to establish the glacial record of the Ice Cap. Led by Paul-Émile VICTOR, the expedition of thirty-two members is divided into five groups, regardless of nationality. When the White Trail is no more than a memory, what will remain of this life together? Above … Continued

NOUS AVONS VINGT ANS ( We are twenty years old)

This film was made on the premises of the French Polar Expeditions in the presence of Paul-Émile VICTOR, expedition leader GUIARD, Mario MARRET, the doctor and members of the Expeditions. In the course of this off-the-cuff discussion, various problems encountered during the expeditions were raised, such as sexuality and homosexuality, relations between Paris and the … Continued

IMAGES D’UN ÉTÉ (Pictures of a summer)

Film shot during the first French polar expedition to Antarctica. The sun triumphs over the long polar night. It was not to be a summer like any other that year. For the first time, it will be witnessed by humans. This is of little concern to the penguins, whose ancestral habits are in no way … Continued

ALLO CHARCOT ! (Hello, Charcot !)

“Hello, Charcot, answer…”. This is the call that the radio of the Urville base makes every morning in Terre Adélie, in the Antarctic, to his colleague in Charcot, an advanced post dug in the snow 300 km away. That morning, Charcot did not answer. All suppositions are allowed: a breakdown of radio, a fire, a … Continued

BALISAGE AU GROËNLAND (Buyoage in Greenland)

For the exploration of the Greenlandic massif, the autochenille was the only alternative to the traditional dog sled until recently. The plane could not land on the frozen ground, and flying over the icy solitudes allowed only very superficial exploration. The helicopter changed all that thanks to its qualities of flexibility, stability in flight and, … Continued